What to do if you have found a lost Netherlands Racing Pigeon

If you found a Netherlands or Belgian racing pigeon we would like to be notified of the ring number and the location, when you notify us we will contact the registered owner. We ask if you can report to us the number on the ring. Dutch racing pigeons have a ring starting with the  country code NL which is stated on a Dutch ring, followed by a year with 7 more digits (e.g. NL 2021-1234567). We can also take care of lost / found Belgian Racing Pigeons, a Belgium ring starts with BELG or BE, the year and followed by the number.

The owner can be traced back to that number, if you send us the number we will immediately ask the owner to take contact to recover his / her pigeon. We take contact with the pigeons owner with a-lot of care and knowledge, if the owner does not want the pigeon back we will recover the pigeon and place the pigeon in our lost and found loft which is designated for rescue pigeons. Each rescued pigeon needs to be quarantined and needs to undergo a health check.

If you have seen a pigeon, it is not necessary to report this immediately because the pigeon may have landed temporarily. Wait and see if the pigeon is still there several hours later or if the pigeon comes back. If you have safely captured the pigeon, provide immediately water and food then contact us, we may be able to recover the pigeon on behalf of the owner or the owner may arrange the recovery, all depends on the location where you found the pigeon and the distance to the pigeons home loft.

Steps to take if you found a pigeon.

1.Provide water in a container or cup and food, wild bird seed or uncooked rice is ok. (do not give any bread or milk)
2.Send us via email or whatsapp with photos and the ring number.
3.Where is the pigeon located.
4.Report to us how we can reach you.

Our phone line is +31620297705 you can reach us on whatsapp, GSM or text.