Bloodline & Strains - Netherlands Racing Pigeon Loft

Belgium & Netherlands Racing Pigeons Bloodlines and Pricing, the cost of each Olympic racing pigeon varies because of the history and race results however there is always a base price, this price is usually set for youngsters that have not yet raced but have Olympic parents therefore a proven bloodline. The pigeons offered online here can be collected directly or shipped. We often offer pigeons from local breeders whom are known to us and trusted. The very best bloodlines to select are the winners of the major races, in our loft we often offer children from the parents.

Bloodlines that are proven to be the best and what we offer:

  • Jan Hooymans / New Harry Line.
  • Best Kittle Line from Belgium.
  • Eijerkamp-Janssen, The Netherlands.
  • Eijerkamp-Van Loon, The Netherlands.
  • H. and E.J. Eijerkamp, The Netherlands.
  • Eijerkamp Long Distance, The Netherlands.
  • Other lines that have a proven record with parents that are winners of the 1st Nat. acebird  and KBDB speed races.
  • Winners or children from the Barcelona Race.