Dutch Racing Pigeons & Breeding

Pigeon racing is an International sport with the Belgian & Netherlands Racing Pigeons as the recognised bloodlines in racing olympic racing pigeons. Belgian and Netherlands bloodlines are proven over decades to be winners and the best olympic racing pigeons have come from both Bloodlines. This website is about a small exclusive loft located in the the Netherlands, Apeldoorn, in the loft you will find amazing short and long distance pigeons, because our loft is small, we can only afford to have champions on-board. Each pigeon is considered part of the family, a pet and a champion. The owner of the loft has had pigeons since a young boy, the love of pigeons is something that cant be replaced. The loft started out with Big Pete, a wonderful pigeon with such a character, even our neighbour's love him.

The pigeons offered online here are from from local breeders in the Netherlands or children of our stock pigeons, any other pigeons are from fanciers that whom are known to us and trusted. If you purchase one, the pigeon can be collected directly or shipped.

Racing Pigeon Sport

Racing pigeon sport is a competitive sport in which specially trained pigeons are released from a designated location and race back to their home loft. The goal is to see which bird can fly the designated distance in the shortest amount of time.

Pigeon racing is a popular sport worldwide, with thousands of enthusiasts in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, China, and the United States. The sport has a long history, dating back to the early 1800s when it was first introduced in Belgium.

To participate in pigeon racing, competitors must first breed and train their birds to fly long distances and navigate through varying weather conditions. Pigeons are typically released from a distance of anywhere between 100 and 800 kilometers from their home loft, with the length of the race depending on the category and level of competition.

During a race, the pigeons must fly back to their home loft, which is equipped with a timing clock. As each pigeon arrives, a chip or electronic ring on its leg triggers the timing clock, recording the bird's arrival time. The pigeon with the fastest overall time is declared the winner.

Pigeon racing requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and skill, as competitors must carefully select and train their birds, plan their routes, and monitor weather conditions to maximize their chances of success. Despite the challenges, pigeon racing remains a popular and rewarding sport for those who enjoy working with and caring for these intelligent and fascinating birds.

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