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Best Pigeon in Dubai OLR Final against 972 pigeons by Ahmed and Omar Al Hamli with 100% Eijerkamp pigeon

Eijerkamp Pigeons received a very exciting phone call from their friends Ahmed and Omar Al Hamli from Dubai. They have been friends with the Eijerkamp family for over 25 years. They shared some good news about their pigeon "Dubai Pearl".
Today was the Final of the Dubai One Loft Race 300km. "Dubai Pearl" became the 11th Best Pigeon in the Final, the Arabian Gulf Race; this is a 100% Eijerkamp Pigeon! Congrulations to Eijerkamp, a world class and proven bloodline in Racing Pigeon sport.

The father is a full brother of NL22-7073645 "Princess Rosie" and NL21-1668280 "Ramona". So, once again, a grandson of our Nieuwe Olympiade was the father of a very successful pigeon on a One Loft Race. The mother is a full sister of our super racer NL22-8228858 "Damian" (3 x 1st Prize).

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