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Due to the cancellation of the first day-long distance race because of bad weather, this was the first race in which the Eijerkamp-Paalman combination participated.
The colony of pigeons in their lofts is relatively young, with 24 of the 37 pigeons entered being yearlings.
With the strong southwest wind, high speeds were expected, but the chances of achieving a top placement in the larger competition were slim due to the loft's location.
For the yearlings, the wind was advantageous, allowing them to cover the 568 km without much difficulty.
After 5.5 hours of flying, five pigeons arrived simultaneously, four of which were yearlings a fantastic start to the arrivals.

A strong result was achieved with positions 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 26, 29, 43, 44, etc., from Saulieu against 1,097 pigeons, with a prize percentage of 70%.

The first pigeon was NL23-9082647 "Remy".

The second was NL22-8131918 "Smokey Haas".

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