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Yesterday the Silver race (semi-final) took place as part of the Algarve Golden Race. Release was in Castelo Branco (297km). A week after the national pigeon season in Belgium ended, the brothers from Zingem still continue their momentum, but this time in the oneloft races!

The Algarve Golden Race in Portugal is one of those one-loft races that the international pigeon world always eagerly awaits. Organiser Rui Emidio and his team have had it made for several years and were able to welcome 7,102 pigeons from 1,445 different fanciers this year as well.  Of those, 4,276 pigeons were at the start for the Silver race yesterday.

The first Belgian pigeon to reach the finish line in this semi-final was one of Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede.  Just a week after the debates on the national flights in Belgium were closed, and where the brothers from Zingem once again played a leading role with various stunt results and national ace pigeons (you can read more about this here), they are also making their mark on the one loft race stage.

Their pigeon, BE22-4137569, took 2nd place with a speed of 1289m/min and earned the corresponding 30,000 euros. They came in just 1 sec. too short against German Team Wolfsberg to take the win.

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