(March 16, 2022) People wanted to participate in the organization of the Olympiad 2024.

We are going to organize the Olympiad in January 2024. The NPO Board wants to set up an event by and for pigeon fanciers and their families. Enjoying beautiful pigeon sport, an event aimed at the enthusiast and his family and promotion of the pigeon sport are paramount. The Olympiad is also a unique opportunity to bring our sport to the attention of the general public and put it firmly on the map. We can tell beautiful, sometimes even heroic stories about the achievements of our pigeons and the pleasure we experience with them. So let's do that and use the Olympiad as a platform for this. That, in short, is how we see the Olympiad before us. Now we have to organize it.


The NPO Board calls on candidates for the Olympiad Committee. From the NPO Board, Annette Espeldoorn, Hans van Dijk and Gerard van de Aast will sit on the Olympiad committee. We are looking for enthusiastic enthusiasts who want to put themselves on the map of the pigeon sport. The work in the committee will mainly focus on promoting the pigeon sport and involving the Dutch fancier and his family in the event. Formal matters associated with an Olympiad such as the FCI congress are handled by a professional party.


So if you want to commit yourself to the future of the pigeon sport, sign up. In addition to serving a good cause, it is also fun to create something beautiful with a group of enthusiasts.

You can register until April 7 by sending an email to info@duivensportbond.nl , stating Olympiad committee. You will then receive an invitation for an interview. Of course we also want ladies to sign up. 


The NPO Board

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