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The most expensive pigeon on record is a Belgian racing pigeon named "New Kim", which sold for a staggering 1.6 million euros (around 1.9 million US dollars) in a public auction in November 2020. The buyer was a Chinese pigeon racing enthusiast, who bid against other competitors from around the world.

New Kim was bred by a Belgian pigeon racing enthusiast named Gaston Van de Wouwer and had already won several prestigious racing competitions before being sold. The bird's exceptional racing pedigree, strong physical traits, and impressive track record made it highly coveted among pigeon racing enthusiasts worldwide.

The sale of New Kim shattered the previous record for the most expensive pigeon, which was held by another Belgian racing pigeon named "Armando", sold for 1.25 million euros in 2019. The high prices paid for these birds reflect the intense competition and passion surrounding the sport of pigeon racing, as well as the value placed on the top-performing birds in the world.

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